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The Diploma Program offers an opportunity to develop essential skills for judicial officers in obtaining the highest level of capacity in the law market faced with increasingly stiff competition. The Program aims at providing flexible yet intensive courses that are in accord with the individual needs of the students. For practitioners, the Diploma Program will be a stepping-stone to enhance their competitiveness in their practice. For researchers, it will provide new opportunities to evaluate and refine their research capacity.

Courses and Credits

  1. Students can choose and register for courses freely from KU Law School and KU Graduate School.
  2. There are two tracks operating within the Diploma Program and students can choose either one freely
    (transferring tracks mid-way is also possible). The tracks are as follows:
    1. ① Coursework track: Students complete at least 18 credits a year (at least 9 credits per semester).
    2. ② Research track: Students complete up to 12 credits of coursework, and substitute the remaining 6 credits with a research thesis (the research thesis should be completed under the supervision of an academic advisor and should pass the evaluation of the review committee).
  3. The course of study extends over a year (2 semesters).
  4. Relationship with the J.S.D. Program: Students who complete the Diploma Program have the following benefits should they choose to proceed to the KU J.S.D. Program:
    1. ① Six months from the course of study of J.S.D. Program (originally 2 years) may be reduced following the deliberation of the J.S.D. Committee.
    2. ② A maximum of 12 credits may be recognized as credits for J.S.D. Program based on the deliberation of the J.S.D. Committee.

Specialized Course Accreditation

The Diploma Program offers specialized course accreditation in the following areas. The requirements for accreditation is continuously and periodically reviewed, decided, and announced by the committee for academic management of the KU Law School.

  • Specialized course for public interest and human rights
  • Specialized course for dispute resolution
  • Specialized course for economic law
  • Specialized course for employment·welfare law
  • Specialized course for finance act
  • Specialized course for corporate legal affairs
  • Specialized course for basic legal studies
  • Specialized course for insolvency law
  • Specialized course for distribution law
  • Specialized course for tax law
  • Specialized course for intellectual property law
  • Specialized course for maritime law
  • Specialized course for administrative law
  • Specialized course for criminal judicature