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Basic Principles of the Law School Scholarship System

  • The percentage of scholarship provided for the purpose of living expenses is kept at 90% of the total amount of scholarship.
  • The scale of scholarship benefits (school expenditure/fund/out-of-school scholarships) for students is managed to maintain 31.6% or more of the tuition revenue.
  • Students admitted through the special admission process for low family budget (those who get support for the basic living expenses or are from lower income family) can receive 100% tuition during their period of attendance as long as they maintain the minimum academic standards.
  • The level of scholarship provided to students is divided into 100%, 50%, and 25%, allowing more students to benefit from scholarship.
  • The total amount of scholarship provided to each grade level is maintained at the same level.
  • In addition to scholarships provided by the school expenditure, the Law School is expanding its own scholarship fund and is actively connecting with out-of-school scholarship foundations.
  • In principle, a student may receive only one type of scholarship, meaning double receipt is not allowed.
  • For a student who gives up his/her scholarship of academic excellence for another student’s scholarship for living expenses, an honorary scholarship will be presented.
  • Associated with the Korea Student Aid Foundation, KU Law supports students to benefit from the government guaranteed student loan system.

Selection Principle for Scholarship Recipients

  • Recipients of scholarship for living expenses are selected each semester through a rigorous procedure, including application to the scholarship foundation to assess the income quintile each semester and evaluation of the household finance situation in writing.
  • Recipients of scholarship for academic excellence -amount of 100%, 50%, 25% of tuition- are selected each semester based on the GPA of the previous semester.
  • Recipients of out-of-school scholarship foundation or funded scholarship are selected among the applicants based on the selection criteria provided by the scholarship foundation.
  • The selection procedure for any scholarship recipient is conducted rigorously through the deliberation by the Director of the Student Department and the Scholarship Committee.

Types of Scholarships

Scholarship for Academic Excellence
  • Types: 100%/50%/25% of tuition
  • Basic qualification: completion of 12 credits in the previous semester, among which 9 credits are courses of relative evaluation
Scholarship for Living Expenses
  • Tyeps: 100%/50%/25% of tuition
  • Basic qualification
    • Completion of 12 credits in the previous semester, among which 9 credits are courses of relative evaluation
    • Students who were on academic probation in the previous semester are not eligible.
Funded Scholarship
  • Scholarships based on donation and accumulated fund provided to selected students who meet the requirements.
Scholarship for Labor
  • Scholarship provided to students who provide labor such as working as academic coordinator
Scholarship for Academic Pursuit
  • Scholarship provided in situations, other than the aforementioned cases, in which appropriate reason such as contribution to management of graduate school is acknowledged