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Graduate School of Legal Studies

KU, the first to implement higher education in law in Korea, is the history of Korean law itself.

The will to lead change and to aim for social development is inherent in the gene of KU.

The outstanding achievements of KU Law is the result of courage, sacrifice, wisdom, and passion demonstrated by the people of KU Law at each turning point in time.

KU Graduate School of Legal Studies is a specialized graduate school established in 1995 in order to satisfy the need for expertized education in each specialized field.

KU Graduate School of Legal Studies prides itself with an excellent faculty and specially tailored curriculum, satisfying the need of those who wish to research theories and application methods in-depth.

KU Graduate School of Legal Studies is comprised of departments that can create a synergy effect by integrating practice and theory.

The curriculum is constructed to enhance students’ professional knowledge and to stimulate their desire to learn.

KU Graduate School of Legal Studies also plays a critical role in creating natural networking opportunities for professionals of all social standings.

In this era of integration in which development cannot be expected without collaboration, KU Graduate School of Legal Studies will provide opportunities to experience the camaraderie among KU alumni and to share various information.