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KU College of Law –
founded in 1905 based on the idea of saving the nation through education as Bosung College, Department of Law (“KU Law 1.0”),
having established the basis for the rule of law and advancement of the nation as Korea University, College of Law (“KU Law 2.0”) –
has become a part of history on February 28, 2018. We have turned the page.


Now, the Law School constitutes the principal axis of KU Law.


KU Law School will live up to its reputation and lead humanity’s legal culture of the future.

We propose calling the new generation we face as “KU Law 3.0”.


Dear everyone affiliated with KU Law,

We sincerely ask that you light up the next generation of KU Law 3.0.


We ask that you place another stone on the massive stone pagoda of KU Law.

The stone will become history, and KU Law will remember each and every stone forever.