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Dean's Welcome

Steadfast Academic Community


Welcome to the oldest and best legal education institute in Korea.


Established in 1905 in the midst of the collapse of the Korea Empire, the Department of Law at Bosung College was the first modern institution of higher legal education. The history of Korean leal education began at that time, and over the course of 116-year history, it has developed into the country's leading law school.

The goal of KU School of Law is not just to produce good lawyers. Under the founding philosophy of advancing public interests, we have always been committed to the mission of fostering talented individuals who contribute to the public good by demonstrating outstanding skills based on a strong sense of ethics and a warm heart. Our education programs are designed to produce lawyers with international competence in response to the global economy of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and are supported by the outstanding research capabilities and social service of professors.

Our faculty members and students collaborate with each other in an open atmosphere that respects diversity and creativity to achieve the best research and teaching performance. We will continue to communicate and cooperate with local and foreign academics as well as practitioners and companies to make a great leap forward. We look forward to your interest and support.




2023. 7.
Hwang LEE
Dean of the School of Law, Korea University