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School of Law (Doctor of Juridical Science)


In the Juris Scientiae Doctor (J.S.D.) Program, students complete courses that integrate theory and practice, conduct independent research on a chosen topic under the guidance of an academic advisor, and submit a dissertation to obtain a doctoral degree. The joint-advisory system is also available for cases in which interdisciplinary research or cooperation from other universities or institutions is necessary. The purpose of the J.S.D. Program is to foster scholars and practitioners who can lead the modern law market which requires a high level of professionalism in specific areas.

Entrance Qualification

  1. Master of law and lawyer holder
  2. Master degree and domestic / overseas lawyer
  3. A person who holds a master degree with 35 credits or more of law courses in a bachelor's or graduate course and recognized by a professional doctoral committee.

Courses and Credits

  1. Students can register for courses offered in the KU Law School and the Graduate School.
  2. Students are required to complete a total of 18 credits. (For those who have completed the KU J.S.D. Diploma program, a maximum of 12 credits may be recognized as credits for J.S.D. Program based on the deliberation of the J.S.D. Committee.
  3. The course of study extends over 2 years (4 semesters). However, six months (1 semester) may be reduced for the following students through the deliberation of the J.S.D. Committee:
    1. ① Students who have completed the KU J.S.D. Diploma program;
    2. ② Students who have been admitted to the bar and have more than 3 years of experience in judicial practice
    3. ③ Students who are recognized as having qualifications equivalent to ① or ②

Graduation Requirements

  1. Completion of required course credits
  2. Completion of 2 credits per semester for research guidance
  3. Two or more publications of academic articles as a sole author in journals registered or nominated for registration at the National Research Foundation of Korea (In case a published article is co-authored by the academic advisor, such article is recognized as sole authorship.)
  4. Successful defense of doctoral dissertation