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Career Service Center


KU Law School is devoted to carrying out its duties of providing internally stable and professional student guidance to assist students to become outstanding legal professionals after graduation. Career Service Center plays a central role in student guidance, helping students plan their courses systematically and developing various counseling programs regarding learning methods to ensure they acclimate well to the curriculum and obtain high academic achievements. Career Service Center also provides counseling services regarding students’ career and employment concerns and through individually tailored vocational guidance, assists students in customizing their future. Guidance services for students regarding life, career, job seeking, aptitude, and personal matters are provided through an advisor system, online or offline counseling with counseling professionals, information sessions about career and employment, and the development of various student guidance programs. Career Service Center will strengthen cooperation with KU Career Development Center and Student Counseling Center to acquire skills and experiences regarding career and employment guidance and life counseling to provide more effective and professional services to students.

Moreover, the Center will continue its efforts to satisfy students’ needs by providing online counseling services for school life and career decisions and by offering information regarding practical training, internships, and various employment information.



  1. A) Provide student guidance and counseling regarding school life, career, and employment
    B) Operate practical training and related support
    C) Host information sessions for employment institutions such as law firms, job fairs, and employment conference
    D) Organize special lectures for career exploration and professional development
    E) Provide academic support programs
    F) Utilize the Career Service Center webpage
    G) Provide psychological counseling services in connection with KU counseling center