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New Law Hall(2001.2020~)
  • 5F : Prof.Lab, Rest room, Auditorium, Mail room, Cafeteria, Group study room, Research centers, Collaborative lab
  • 4F : Prof.lab, Meeting room, Seminar room
  • 3F : Prof.lab, Classroom, lecturer lounge, admissions office, research centers
  • 2F : auditorium, seminar room
  • 1F : Dean's office, mock court, study room, auditorium, administrative office, career services office, information room
  • B1F : parking lot, service room
Haesong Law library (2007.3.16~)
  • 3F : 3 study room
  • 2F : 2 study room, discussion room
  • 1F : law serials, meeting room, information desk, international partnership chamber
  • B1F : 1 study room, academic conference room, law books
  • B2F : law preservation stacks
CJ las hall(2012.11.9~)
  • 5F : student office room, lawyer prof.lab, honorary prof.room, kna office, anam law society, cyber law center, donor room / historical resource room, school of law development committee
  • 4F : KU legal research institute, health care policy law center, labor-social security act law center, maritime law center, juris doctor room, intervention center, icr center, business law center, tax law center, financial law center, study room
  • 3F : group study room, male rest room, seminar room, international education chamber,school of law student office
  • 2F : study room
  • 1F : clec, cafeteram, female rest room
  • B1F : veritas hall, libertas hall