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Graduate School Department of Law

Legal Type of Graduate School (Higher Education Act, Article 29-2)

“General graduate School” : Graduate schools, the main educational purpose of which is to learn basic theories of studies and to conduct advanced academic research;

Entrance Qualification

Undergraduate 4-year Bachelor’s degree

History & Mission

KU Graduate School Department of Law has special significance in Korea. The history of KU, established in 1905 as Bosung College, being the first to implement higher education for law in Korea, is the history of Korean law itself. Higher education requires academic maturity. The fact that higher education in law began at KU in the early 20th century indicates that law as an academic field began at KU. This illustrates the status KU holds in the history of Korean scholarship.

For over 110 years, KU Law has been making history. Our graduates who had pursued knowledge in Graduate School Department of Law were at the forefront in leading Korea during every stage of the era of industrialization and democratization. For us, this is a source of immense academic pride. Today, faced with the great transition in civilizational and industrial paradigm, KU Law is preparing for the future of Korea and humanity with an extraordinary vision.

Law is a mechanism for happiness of the people and peace of our society. For law to realize the purpose of its existence, academia and practice should find the golden balance. Graduate School Department of Law is the light that guides the direction in which legal practice should proceed. This is the pride and responsibility of the academia. KU Graduate School Department of Law has established the best supporting system through which those who will lead the future of law can aim high and strive to achieve their goals. KU Graduate School Department of Law is the incubator in which academic talents of the future can grow exponentially.